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Simply Water

For the longest time I have been trying to figure out what I want to post about. All the notes that I currently have relate to beer’s I have drank, which I will eventually post but I have yet to actually post about tea. The problem is that I have not been taking note’s on […]

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Left Hand Brewing 20th Anniversary Tap Takeover

Jake Melnick’s Corner Tap in Chicago, IL hosted a Tap Takeover by LEFT HAND BREWING for their 20th Anniversary party. Conveniently for me, this coincided with my birthday on the 21st. I thought “Hey, why not treat yourself and write about the event at the same time. hell, while you are at it why not just call […]

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Let’s Just Call This Guy The Roshe King

1. First off what inspired you to make custom sneakers? My inspiration for making custom sneakers came from the man Mache Custom Kicks. The dude is a legend. I remember the Nerf Lebron 9 Custom he made, and me, not even into sneakers too much at the time, saw them.  I remember seeing the Nerf […]

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Beer and Tea and What They Mean To Me

WARNING!!! THE FOLLOWING IS ABOUT GETTING TO KNOW THE AUTHOR! IF YOU DON’T CARE, THEN WAIT TILL NEXT WEEK FOR THE GOOD’S. ALSO IT’S KIND OF A LONG POST. Hello everyone. From today on I will be the guy who posts about beer and tea here on Grade A Living. For the longest time I […]

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Kate Moss For Playboy

Playboy recently released a teaser image of Kate Moss as a Playboy bunny as they plan to start their 60th Anniversary off with a bang. Apparently she did the photo shoot shortly before her 40th birthday so I’m sure it’ll be some of the British supermodel icon’s best work of late. Shot by photographer duo […]

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Now on it’s 2nd season, Vice’s food & travel show with cool-guy NYC chef Eddie Huang (of Baohaus fame), Fresh Off The Boat, has been spot on yet again. Having already delivered the goods with their Mongolia episode(s), this Detroit edition really digs deep into the recently bankrupt city’s core and not only discovers some […]

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As streetwear fans & BAPE Heads know, this year marks the 20th anniversary of the iconic Japanese streetwear lifestyle brand, BAPE / A Bathing Ape founded by Nigo. Though BAPE’s founder sold the brand years ago and recently stepped down as the Creative Director of A Bathing Ape- a position he’s held since he 1st […]

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We All Want The Finer Things…

That’s what it’s all about right? Refinement. Prestige. A nice home with fancy clothes and not a worry in the world?… One day we will make it. (Whatever it is…) With that being said, we present to you Grade A Living, an online magazine and lifestyle guide for millennials who are “almost there” as well as for […]

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