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Grade A Q&A: The Chainsmokers

Wise beyond their years and aggressively handsome, these two overachievers are focused on success… Never before has the world seen two furry browed individuals such as these two (seriously they have really bushy eye brows)… As you might have imagined Alex and Drew did not meet on the set of their Vogue Cover shoot while […]

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Grade A Q&A: Lee Woods

Sometimes you just gotta get locked in a room in Logan Square for nine months and get things done. Almost like a rebirth. For Me, meeting this young lady was not by chance.  I met this amazing soul at a house party  last year and I knew she was going to be in my life […]

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Song Of The Week

This weeks song of the week comes from Boobie Jones from Chicago. This classic downsouth track produced by Ziptopher and Boobie Jones made for the song of the  week. 

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Erykah Badu For Purple Magazine

Erykah Badu and Givenchy’s creative director Riccardo Tisci come together again for Purple magazine. Erykah served as a muse for Tisci and was featured in Givenchy’s Spring 2014 ad campaign.  So, it doesn’t come as a surprise that the two would team up again. In Purple, Erykah is draped in head to toe Givenchy from […]

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RDGLDGRN – In My Own Words Pt 1

RDGLDGRN (pronounced red gold green) have already distinguished themselves in the DC music scene. Their highly stylized sound (that Go Go drum beat- a distinct DC rhythm) takes hip-hop infused punk and indie rock to create something refreshingly unique (often compared to N.E.R.D.), is getting attention from fans stretching far beyond the DC niche scene. […]

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Esta. x Karmaloop – KLx Mix Series 001

Smooth (so smooth, I didn’t even want to capitalize the ‘s’).  This mix may have you dancing at your desk or wherever your workspace maybe.  From the same city as Ron Burgundy, Esta. shows off his many productions in this perfect combination of seamless transitions. I love this mix! Totally reminding me of a summer […]

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Lykke Li – No Rest for the Wicked

I’ve had a thing for this unique voice since “So Far Gone,” when she was paired with Drake over her song “Little Bit”.  If you too have been trying to get that “old thing back,” I have just the thing.  This song starts a little slow but crescendos into greatness. I’m predicting summer movie trailer greatness […]

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Vindata – All I Really Need (Regulated Edition)

Who’s from a city in the midwest, best city in the whole wide-wide world? The Regulators. This production duo hails from Chicago with a Trap style inspired by their hometown but still all their own. This track features a politely melodic opening but once the track chops and the bass drops, it’s a whole ‘nother […]

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