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Save Your Soul x Ronn Carroll x Ash10

Ronn Carroll has brought a whole new meaning to the phrase “Sunday Funday.” Once a month Ronn Carroll and friends hold Church in Chicago’s hottest elite night club, Studio Paris. Decorating the room with stained glass windows, candles and a DJ booth dressed as a pulpit, owner RJ Melman and staff continue to out do […]

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Bucketfeet x DJ Earn Money

Bucketfeet, a Chicago based shoe company, has truly been paving their own road on the fashion scene. Recently opening their first flagship store in Chicago’s Block 37 Mall, the shoe company garnered acclaim by allowing artists world -wide to submit patterns and designs for their lace up and slide in shoes. Aaron Firestein and Raaja […]

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Artist Of The Week: Miss Mary Jane Co.

This week’s artist of the week is a young entrepreneur who saw a need for the female voice and presence in the cannabis culture. She decided to launch her own cannabis influenced clothing line, Miss Mary Jane Co. Releasing products such as beanies, snapbacks, shirts, glitter pipes, leggings, and much more. She has created her […]

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Overalls Galore

Right now a very hot and popular trend are overalls! Before I bought these pairs about 2 years ago, the last time I had a pair of overalls were in the 2nd grade! Overalls have recently came back into the style as a very stylish trend! Now these overalls when I first got them they […]

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N*E*R*D* Brings Out The Inner Kid In Me

When I’m in need of creative inspiration, I listen to my favorite band N*E*R*D. ¬†Their albums such as In Search Of.., Fly or Die, and Seeing Sounds take me to a magical place that gives me an endless burst of creative energy. N*E*R*D’s music reminds that anything is possible and all dreams are achievable. Currently, […]

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Kanye West: Fashion Icon

As many know, Kanye West is one of the most famous musicians in the world, he personally is my favorite. But what he also is, is an amazing fashion designer with a great sense of style. His creativity and drive is admirable. Earlier this year he announced his second collaboration with A.P.C. which includes men’s […]

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The Beauty of Oxfords

These shoes, commonly referred to as Oxfords are seriously so underrated. They are popular, but not popular enough. The one pair I own is easily my favorite pair of shoes in my closet because I love the classic, kind of old fashion look it gives outfits. I think they are so unique, and if worn […]

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Business Casual With Some Edge

This is an outfit I put together in a few minutes while getting ready for work. You can put together a nice outfit while not spending too much money. This whole outfit is from Forever 21, except the shoes and for a very reasonable price. Blazer- (Forever 21) Shirt- (Forever 21) Jeans- (Forever 21) Shoes- […]

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Artist Of The Week: The Yok & Sheryo

This week’s artist of the week, The Yok & Sheryo, are two artistically inclined individuals who banded together to create amazing and detailed street art. Their vibrant, young and care free style captivates their viewers eyes, as if, they were apart of Yok & Sheryo’s secret world. Not only our they super talented but they […]

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